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Do I have to be an expert in data processing to rent your equipment?

• No, our technicians deal with the installation of the rented equipment. Our portable terminals are very easy to use. A formation of approximately ten minutes is given to your personnel before the inventory.

Could I lose data during inventory and have to start again?

• No, the data captured throughout the inventory is safely recorded in real time on a portable computer.

Am I responsible for any damages if one of my employees breaks a bar code scanner?

• No, we completely assume these risks.

Do you work in my computer system with my software during inventory?

• No, once we have a file of your product codes, all work is done on our portable computer. After the inventory, the captured data must be integrated into your system from a USB drive.

Who has to perform the data integration in my computer?

• Generally, you must perform the data integration with the assistance of your inventory management software supplier. However, if you wish, we can assist you with this task.

Is your equipment compatible with my computer system?

• Yes, in most cases. Your system must allow us to perform the data integration from an external file (on a USB drive).

Is it necessary to make reservations a long time in advance?

• It is preferable to allow 4 to 6 weeks to enable us to do a test and to make sure that all is in compliance. We can, however, proceed more quickly if necessary.