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The radio frequency technology provides unique benefits

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We can provide you state-of-the-art equipment, compatible with the majority of systems in use in the market. They provide maximum efficiency and minimum downtime during the count for moving around and data downloading for your employees. A support rep will be on hand to install the hardware and provide the necessary assistance throughout inventory taking. Only a few minutes of training are necessary at the beginning of the inventory count for your staff to work independently.

Our bar code terminals collect and transmit the data to the PC via radio waves. The advantage of radio frequency technology is that the information collected is validated (compliant), then instantly transmitted to the computer, unlike batch processing which is characteristic of conventional systems.

This technology is complemented by a user-friendly inventory-taking software that we developed and that will perfectly meet your needs. This software perfectly suits all kinds of bar-code inventory taking and accepts all types of codes (numeric or alphanumeric) that represent the product number. This software features very interesting verification functions only available with radio frequency technology.

Your data will be supplied to you according to your specifications, on USB drive and/or on paper, when the inventory is complete.